Inspiring change.

Re-connecting with Humanity:
How Compassion and Dialogue Overcome Hate

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"Dialogue is more important than anything anyone could imagine..."
Jeff Schoep

Student Program

Re-connecting with Humanity: How Compassion and Dialogue Overcome Hate.

This program is a powerful initiative to combat hatred and bias through compassion and dialogue. Jeff Schoep’s journey from being a neo-Nazi leader to an advocate for peace and tolerance is an impactful example of how people can change their beliefs and attitudes with the help of others. Through sharing his experiences, Jeff teaches students the value of listening to others and being open to new ideas.

As part of his interactive presentation, Jeff creates a safe and respectful environment where students can learn from each other and challenge their own assumptions. By doing so, he helps students to understand the importance of relational dialogue and being an upstander rather than a bystander. By teaching this way, students develop critical thinking skills, empathy and social responsibility while learning that we can work together despite our differences.

The topics of forgiveness, reconciliation, and building understanding are crucial for promoting tolerance and compassion. Students will also learn about the consequences of promoting any type of hate online, and how to be upstanders who stand up for what is right.

Overall, this presentation is a valuable opportunity for students and adults to learn about the power of dialogue and compassion in combating hate. Jeff Schoep’s personal journey of transformative change and lived experience will inspire students to make positive choices and promote a more peaceful and tolerant world.