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From leading America’s largest neo-Nazi group to becoming a beacon of hope, Jeff Schoep’s journey is a seismic shift that ignites conversations and reshapes lives. His voice, once a weapon of hate, now resounds with redemption, echoing in powerful keynote talks, workshops, and encounters that leave indelible marks.

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For every extremist I help exit, there are potentially thousands of people who won’t become their victims



Re-connecting with Humanity: How Compassion and Dialogue Overcome Hate

Witness the transformative power of dialogue and empathy. Jeff shares his journey to peace, inspiring students to challenge biases and build a more understanding world.

Cultivating Understanding Through Relational Dialogue

While one conversation may not spark immediate change, engaging in relational dialogue creates a foundation for reflection and growth. Through powerful storytelling and personal experience, Jeff demonstrates the transformative power of building bridges instead of walls. His journey, including overcoming the deeply ingrained ideologies of Nazism, serves as a powerful testament to the human capacity for empathy and positive change.

From Conversation to Transformation: The Power of Dialogue in a Divided World

Everyday conversations hold the power to spark extraordinary transformations. Drawing on his unique experience, Jeff explores how open communication can foster empathy, challenge assumptions, and spark positive change, even in the face of deep-seated differences. Through Jeff's insights and practical strategies, discover how to turn everyday conversations into catalysts for positive change.

From Extremism to Empathy: A Journey of Change

After 27 years, Jeff embarked on a transformative journey away from white nationalism. Discover the power of relational dialogue, empathy, and compassion that fueled his remarkable transformation. Through his story, Jeff sheds light on the potential for healing and understanding even in the face of deeply entrenched beliefs.

Bridging Divides: Cultivating Empathy and Understanding

In a world increasingly divided, fostering empathy and understanding is essential for building peace. This session explores the power of relational dialogue as a tool to bridge divides, challenge biases, and build meaningful connections. Through powerful storytelling and interactive exercises, participants will gain practical tools to foster empathy, engage in respectful dialogue, and contribute to a more peaceful and inclusive world.

Beyond Hate and Love: Understanding the Journey of Extremism

This session delves into the complexities of joining and leaving extremist groups, moving beyond simplistic narratives. Jeff offers unique insights into the psychological, social, and ideological factors at play. Through his personal story and expert analysis, he sheds light on the motivations and experiences of individuals caught in the grip of extremism.

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What They Say

Daryl Davis
Today he has replaced his fight for exclusion with his love of inclusion and traded in the bullets for his people with words of equality and empowerment for all people. I am proud to welcome Jeff into my circle of close friends.
Daryl Davis
Daryl Davis
Race Reconciliator, Musician & Activist
In the lectures I held at many schools, universities, churches and synagogues I always said that the most hateful and long time leaders in the movement have doubts. And that there is hope if we show compassion. Jeff was the living proof of what I preached.
TM Garret
Public Speaker, Radio Personality, Human Rights Activist