He once was infamous – today, he is deadly serious about combating extremism.

International Extremism Expert

Jeff Schoep

For 25 years Jeff Schoep was known as the national leader of America’s largest neo-Nazi party, National Socialist Movement (NSM). Featured in countless news stories, films, television shows and documentaries, Jeff was infamous for stoking the flames of division, hate, and polarization. In early 2019 he became the highest profile former white nationalist leader in America to ever publicly walk away from hate.

Today, Jeff re-emerges into the public arena not as a sensationalized celebrity story, but as an inspiring example of life-altering transformative change. Through interpersonal relationships and dialogue with those he once vilified Jeff’s life was changed forever. From international symposiums to high school classrooms Jeff now shares how compassion and empathy helped him reconnect with humanity.

Once America’s most notorious neo-Nazi, now an inspirational public speaker for Conscious Campus, Jeff Schoep tirelessly holds talks, lectures and workshops from his unique vantage point. He is also the Founder of Beyond Barriers, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to countering extremism and helping others change their lives.

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