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From leading America’s largest neo-Nazi group to becoming a beacon of hope, Jeff Schoep’s journey is a seismic shift that ignites conversations and reshapes lives. His voice, once a weapon of hate, now resounds with redemption, echoing in powerful keynote talks, workshops, and encounters that leave indelible marks.

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Jeff Schoep

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Jeff Schoep?

For every former I help exit, there are potentially thousands of people who won’t become their victims



Re-connecting with Humanity: How Compassion and Dialogue Overcome Hate

This program is a powerful initiative to combat hatred and bias through compassion and dialogue. Jeff Schoep’s journey from being a neo-Nazi leader to an advocate for peace and tolerance is an impactful example of how people can change their beliefs and attitudes with the help of others. Through sharing his experiences, Jeff teaches students the value of listening to others and being open to new ideas.

Relational Dialogue

This session explores the intricacies of extremism in America, focusing on methodologies for disassociation from white supremacy organizations. Jeff draws on personal experience and illustrates how in combination with relational dialogue principles training can provide for an effective strategy for individuals and institutions to aid in deprogramming extremists.

Leaving Hate Behind

Why did Jeff leave the far right after 27 years? Hear Jeff's journey out of white nationalism and how the power of kindness, empathy and compassion changed his life forever.

Peace Building

How do we develop conscience and tolerance? The importance of cross-cultural dialogue.

Factors For Radicalization & Disengagement

Is it hate or is it love? What the researchers don't understand about joining and leaving extremist groups.

Other Topics

Diversity & Inclusivity
Re-Branding & Marketing
The Power of Dialogue & Listening


What They Say

Daryl Davis
Today he has replaced his fight for exclusion with his love of inclusion and traded in the bullets for his people with words of equality and empowerment for all people. I am proud to welcome Jeff into my circle of close friends.
Daryl Davis
Daryl Davis
Race Reconciliator, Musician & Activist
In the lectures I held at many schools, universities, churches and synagogues I always said that the most hateful and long time leaders in the movement have doubts. And that there is hope if we show compassion. Jeff was the living proof of what I preached.
TM Garret
Public Speaker, Radio Personality, Human Rights Activist