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“I went from the hater to the hated overnight”: Why is it so difficult to leave the far right?

Disengaging from an extremist group is a long and difficult process - that’s why two former extremists are helping others turn their back on the far right.
".....disengaging from an extremist group is difficult. Those who flee face threats from ex-members, a lack of employment prospects, possible arrest, and an uphill struggle to reintegrate into society. However, the process of disengagement and deradicalisation has been largely ignored in academic circles....."
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There is No "Good" Violence in Democracy

There is No "Good" Violence in

Last summer, Right-wing mobs took to the streets of London to attack public property and symbols they associated with progressive politics. At the same time across the Atlantic, Right-wing protestors sealed off several blocks of a major city in the American South, declaring it sovereign territory.
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It is clear that white supremacist violent extremism poses a greater threat to American national security than any other type of violent extremism. How can we avoid the mistakes of the past and effectively intervene with those who have become radicalized to violent extremism?


Violent Extremism In America

Interviews with Former Extremists and Their Families on Radicalization and Deradicalization by Ryan Andrew Brown, Todd C. Helmus, Rajeev Ramchand, Alina I. Palimaru, Sarah Weilant, Ashley L. Rhoades, Liisa Hiatt

On March 21, 2021, Beyond Barriers held a discussion about extremism in America and how together we can bring more unity to our nation.

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Extremism & the Military

Extremism researchers interview Beyond Barriers founder, Jeff Schoep, in this article about extremism and the military.

On this podcast we look at what people are doing to improve their community. As part of our Race and Community Esteem Series, today’s guests are Daryl Davis and Jeff Schoep. They will be familiar to our audience, we have had them as guests on our show before: EP#56 Klandestine Relationships and EP# 67-Radical to Redemption, that introduced them as individuals and their stories.

Three former leaders of white supremacist movements sat down with ABC 7 to discuss their journeys into and out of neo-Nazi ideology, along with their current work encouraging others in the movement to de-radicalize.

Time to spread some Hope, Tonight’s guest is Jeff Schoep, a man once considered the most powerful extremist leader in the country who now uses his past experiences and transformation to inspire others, he’s a human rights activist, and founder of Beyond Barriers a nonprofit dedicated to helping people leave extremist organizations.

Episode 10 [USA the insiders view on hate, division and Trump]] Special guest: Jeff Schoep. Imran Muhammad [Host of [Creating the Conversation Podcast] In conversation with his friend Ivan Humble [Ex-EDL member and Co-Host of Creating the Conversation podcast]. USA the insiders view on hate, division and Trump.

Interview with Jeff Schoep the Founder/CEO of Beyond Barriers, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people leave extremist organizations. Host Ilyana Kadushin

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