A Former Nazi and a Hate Crime Survivor Have a Conversation About Hate

“You woke up every day, you’re at war with the world,” says former Nazi Jeff Schoep. In this video from NBCLX contributor Bart Vandever, Schoep and hate crime survivor Josh Stepakoff unpack why hate and radicalism permeate society today and their effects.

Violent Extremism in America: Pathways to Deradicalization

“It worked very much like a cult,” said Schoep, who renounced the movement in 2019, recast himself as a spokesman against hate, and founded Beyond Barriers to redress some of the damage he had done. “Hate is developed,” he added. “It’s fostered in these movements….

Crikey Talks: Is the right side winning?

The latest Crikey Talks event looked at the recent rise in far-right extremism and discussed both causes for concern and reasons for hope.

"Mitigating the threat of Far Right Extremism: what it is and what we can do about it"

TRC Talks is hosted by Mariam Tokhadze, Director of Georgian Center for Strategy and Development – GCSD.

(online discussion with Georgian subtitles)
The guest of the 7th TRC Talks is Jeff Schoep, Founder of Beyond Barriers, a non-profit organization committed to a new approach to countering and preventing extremism.
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