Finally someone who can talk from, not about, the reality of American hate groups and extremism.

radical to redemption

Now a counter-extremism trainer, advisor, and presenter, Jeff Schoep tirelessly holds talks, lectures and workshops from his unique vantage point. He once was infamous – today, he is deadly serious about combating extremism.


Leaving Hate Behind

Why did I leave after 27 years in the far-right? My journey out and how the power of kindness, empathy, and compassion changed my life.

Factors for Radicalization & Disengagement

Is it hate or is it love? What the researchers don’t understand about joining and leaving extremist groups.

Inside White Nationalism

What is it like? A deep dive into the shadowy underworld that is American Nazism and White Nationalism.

Peace Building & Human Rights Issues

How do we develop conscience and tolerance? The importance of cross-cultural dialogue.

Other Topics Include:

  • Diversity & Inclusivity
  • Re-Branding & Marketing
  • The Power of Relational Dialogue & Listening
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